アメリカとカナダで同窓会してきたの巻Hostel mates reunion in Canada and USA!






wei my taiwanese sister from the only back packers inToronto, Canada.


Hi guys, whats up? todays blog is about my short trip to Canada and USA.

As you know, I lost my credit card in Cuba, I got to go back to Canada to renew my bank card eventually.

I really dont want to be pessimistic, so I tried to think positive, god bless me, this got to have some reason to go back to Canada, Yes it is.

It was not just a trip for bank card, it turned out unforgettable reunion.

I booked the round flight ticket from cancun mexico to toronto 30th of OCT to 11 th of NOV.

It had just 13days, and I organized to stay for 4 cities with more than 10 friends.

I didnt know how it works, because this is way too tight for trip. and it contained to cross the border twice!!

My trip is so obviesly quick,

toronto for 2 nights, NEW YORK CITY 2nights, Montreal for 2 nights, and Rouyn- Noranda for 2 nights, and again in Toronto for 1 nights, 3 nights on the bus.

Yes, this became perfect enough to meet and say hi to people, but so not enough to hangout, relax a little bit.

I felt so sorry to everyone that I couldnt take much time and appreciate to meet in such a hurry schedule.

I met more than 10 people this time, and every friends are so happy, lively. I became happy as well.

I look back with a short comment and wish luck.



8カ月ぶりに再会したらレディボーイにデビューしていた日本の新潟 県出身のさださん!




This is Sada san from Niigata Japan, I met him in All day hostel in Toronto, it was his first night for working holiday, and he was always hiralious. I strongly remember, oh here in toronto seems to have some ocean, cus I saw ocean on the way from the airport. ( Its not ocean, Its lake ontario, one of the biggest lake in canada! lol)

me and sada san had great time in Toronto for a little bit, he is so warmful hospitality guy, always treat me well, has great discipline his life and has a looot of friends.

I cant forget the memorial day in Toronto. And he really liked Toronto, and stayed 1 year in Toronto eventually!

Hope see you again in Japan or Canada.




ケベック州の名もなき町ROUYN NORANDA出身のジェーン。




She is Jane from Rouyn Noranda, Quebec in Canada, I met her in kelowna international hostel in BC Canada.

She was so aggressive, and strong for beach valleyball when we play in Gyro beach, we played Valleyball and swim, and frisby alot.

And we drink gallons of beer on the balcony of the hostel playing the game called prisner.

we had great time all the time and enjoyed too much.

I went to her hometown, it was freaking cold, but I enjoyed her cuscus and pizza pizzza. We made shade of the car for winter, cus it has a lot of rain.

She taught me how difficult the northarn life is. I hope see her again in Japan or asia.




She is taka chan from same high schook in Kagoshima, Japan. Its not enough to describe about our relationship so I m gonna right next blog. We hangout in New York anyway.














She is Zehra form Turky. I met her in the only backpackers in Toronto.

She was staying for 3 month in the same hostel, she is always like our mama,

Hey, Gary! did you wash your dishes? K, did you get job? Hi, daniel, you cant occupy hostel laptop!

She is hero sometimes. always make people happy. And she is symbol of the hostel at the moment.

How much she make me relax when I stay and started my canada life.

I was so happy to meet her in New york city and the time flies so fast, we have to meet up again in Turky.

See you again!











The white guy is Gary from Noba scotia, in Canada, I met him in the only backpackers in Toronto.

He was soso so funny guy, he always make the hostel in a good mood, we celebrate christmas and new years, it is great to have time with hostel mates.

Besides, he always invited me to take to YMCA fitness gym, we are keen on getting cool body, we exercise everyday without job.lol.

Definitely he makes life so easy for me to survive this competitive society, he is my role model as human.

I wanna be the guy who is always easy going with smile, like Gary. Thanks dude!

PS He apparently met a girlfriend Hiro from Japan, they look so happy. Im happy for both of you guys.











もしカナダに来てTHE ONLY BACKPACKERS  INNに泊まる方はホテルに泊まるついでに人生相談なども彼にしてみると良いと思います。


Wei (asian look)and JP(bold guy) from Taiwan and Mexico.

They work in the only backpacker in Toronto. I met them and live together.

They are really trustworthy, run on a good business., in a good way to make people comfortable stay at the hostel.

Wei was from taiwan, and she has been in Toronto for more than 1 years, she work so hard that everybody appreciate, and has a lot of friends. She was really my taiwanese sister, you know sometimes we have some trouble to survive in different country, she was always brave even though she had some tough situation. she was against racism. she admires me a lot.

Jp from mexico is full time worker in the only backpacker hostel.

He is funny, talkative, and very cleanliness guy always keep the hostel clean.

He mention and gave a suggestion how people should live and become happy.

It was really great time to hangout with all of you guys.













And one thing I really regret to forget pictures.

I also met 4 of my friends from Kelowna international hostel, Pringles from Quebec, Kat from France, Ophery from France and Dee from Australia.

They are hostel worker and always friendly to customer, we played, drink, talk about travel and future. Every night was like party, they creat events every single day, which make hostel life so memorable.

I really admire how they live and being encouraged.

But as long as we breath, we still have chance to meet up again, universe is the playgound.

Our motto is ” living the dram” (hostel discipline)

アメリカとカナダで同窓会してきたの巻Hostel mates reunion in Canada and USA!